Participation in the research program about materials and nanotechnology “Durabilidad y conservación de Geomateriales del patrimonio construido”. In this program, ártyco has contributed with different research groups at Comunidad de Madrid, like the C.S.I.C. (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), Universidad Complutense, and Alcalá de Henares, Alicante and Cádiz Universities, as well as the technology centers Labein and Intromac.

Experiments onmetal characterization trough LIBS technique in collaboration with the Chemical-Physical Institute Rocasolano from the C.S.I.C.

Participation in the European Research Project “El estado de conservación de los materiales orgánicos en Museos” (State of conservation of organic materials in museums) in collaboration with the Chemical-Physical Institute Rocasolano from the C.S.I.C., Spanish Group of the European Restauro Institute.

Research Workin the program “Pigments recognition by LIBS and LIF”. Project directed by J. Radvan Roxana from Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti.

Canvas support experimental works in collaboration with the Restoration School of Huesca.

Infographic research system for the representation of virtual chromatic reintegrations.

Humectation research systems for the conservation of archaeological sectionsin collaboration with the Culture Ministry

Participation in the European program “Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks” - LACONA under the direction of Marta Castillejo at the Chemical-Physical Institute Rocasolano from the C.S.I.C.

For ártyco the restoration of cultural heritage, conceived as conservation, demands innovative criteria, techniques, products and working methods. We are constantly in contact with conservation experts home and abroad and we have contributed to relevant symposia and conferences.

Also, ártyco participates in research projects internationally about nanotechnology, experiments on materials to provide a higher stability and compability for cultural goodsand also new developments on Laser technology, Libs analysis and the new computer 3D applications.

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